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Free Extra Credits Membership And 50% money back
Published on 18-07-2017

Hello Dear Members
Start promoting your referral link and get 200 direct referrals to get extra credits membership free for 90 days and also get 50% money back on your new and first purchase on extra credits membership,
Strat inviting now to get this promo,

Please note the site is now ad-exchanger and withdrawals are dissabled
exhange link to get free money in another site,

Best Regards


Site changed to ad exchange
Published on 25-06-2017

Hello dear members
we are sorry we are not able to continue site any more that's why we are convert our site to ad exchanger now earn upto $0.01 from ptc wall with unlimated clicks

you can promote any other program here easily and earn from them

we are sorry we are already accepted pending withdrawals and refund all deposits of this months.

we haven't more time to continue site we are busy offline.

Best Regards

Withdrawals Policy
Published on 03-06-2017

Hello Dear Members
more members are request for withdraw without following our withdraw policy,
as I reminder you please see image bellow.

How to Buy AdPacks?

Please visit the following link to buy adpack

if you don't follow this rules and request for withdraw so it will be refunded automatically so please follow rules so get your withdraw quickly,

Best Regards

$1 Per Click
Published on 29-05-2017

Hello Dear members
now earn $1 per click simple upgrade your membership to 101Year and earn $1 per click for first month,

don't think more upgrade your membership now and earn more money quickly

if you need any help so please reply us,

Best Regards

New Features
Published on 25-04-2017

Hello Dear Members

We are added more new features now you can easily earn money,
Now you can simple buy our company shares and earn money without clicking any ads,
rented referral average is now more high please note from now 5 ads required to earn money from referrals you must be need to view 5 ads to earn money tomorrow from referrals,
Buy adpacks and earn money without clicking any ads.

if you want to know more about earning so please visit:

Please contact us for suggestion or help,

Best Regards

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